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Bee Healthy in 2019!

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For most of us, January is a fresh start - a chance to wipe the slate clean and start all over. This year we are encouraging our friends, family, patients and staff to ditch the overly used and much anticipated resolution of "new year, new me" and adopt the mantra of "new year, better me". During 2019 and especially the month of January, we are encouraging our patients and staff to "bee better". We understand and adore the individuality behind  being a "better you" and can't wait to see what is in store for each and every one of you. 



We are partnering with LumiJuice to create a contest for both patients and staff to bring some excitement and friendly competition amongst us all. As a patient you can be entered to win a case of Lumi Juice by attending a wellness appointment in January, referring a patient, attend a How To Stay Young class or schedule a lunch and learn at your job! As an employee of Experience Chiropractic we are holding a six week body transformation competition between Dr. Eric, Dr. Brandie, Dr. Tabetha, Liz, Kim and Kayla - whoever is able to transform their body the most - wins. And oh yes, there are "before" photos that will be shamefully published. 

Speaking of new beginnings - our newest office is having it's grand opening in January! Although we will always love our "mothership" in Wayne, words cannot express how excited we are to open our new office in Conshohocken. New environment. New patients. New adventure! We are going to be throwing a grand opening party on January 9th to show off our new gorgeous facility, meet our neighbors and just have some good old Experience fun! 

What's a party without a pre-game though? Our friends, the Conshy Girls are throwing us a pre-game party at one of their super cute restaurant/bars, Southern Cross Kitchen. Not only do we adore our new neighbors for their cozy environment - the food is to die for! We are encouraging all of our patients, friends, family and staff to come out and start the celebration early! 


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 The pre-game party was a success and we all had so much! Thanks again to Southern Cross Kitchen and The Conshy Girls for a night of fun, games and the best fried pickles we've ever had!

Did you know Dr. Brande wrote a book?! It was published last year and is all about what you don't expect when you're expecting...If you or a loved one is or is planning on becoming pregnant, her book "What You Don't Expect When You're Expecting" is a must read. She talks about all of the potential problems and their solutions on a personal level - so not only is it beneficial and filled with valuable's also just a great read. Later this month she is having an informational meet and greet at Phoenixville Library!  
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Tragically, officer Andy Chan was hit on his motorcycle as he was on duty and is in critical condition. For the first quarter we have chose Andy and his family to be our main donation focus. We are encouraging our patients to "share the love" and refer us new patients - their first visit will be $40 and donated to officer Chan's rehabilitation and recovery.  
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