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Sports Chiropractic Wayne
Woman doing yoga with mountains in the background

Experience Chiropractic is a private chiropractic practice

located in Wayne, PA.

Our chiropractors use advanced techniques to treat a variety of conditions. Be it pain or a persistent lack of function preventing you from doing what you love, we're here to help.


               Our doctors have helped patients through a plethora of injuries for more than 20 years including those acquired from prolonged sitting at a desk, those suffered from working out at a gym, those occurring in everyday life, and everything in between.


              Our individualized approach keeps your goals at the center of treatment and utilizes adjustments, massage therapy, stretching, exercises, and additional therapies to get you feeling your best quickly and sustainably.  

Main Line Parent 2024 Love Award Winner
Main Line Parent Family Favorite 2024 Honoree


lower back pain

headaches &

back & pelvic pain

neck pain



Webster Technique



Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families in our community by committing ourselves to providing the highest level of chiropractic care by adjusting, educating, and motivating them to take an active role in their well-being. 

We are a safe haven from the daily stresses of life, offering a nurturing place for the body and spirit. 

We believe that by adding small positive changes with chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise, one can achieve higher levels of function and vitality for a lifetime.



We do things the right way. All the time. Every time.  Our practice embodies honesty, accuracy, and compliance. We believe in honest, direct, transparent, and open communication with regards to patient care, financial responsibility and practice policies.  When we have INTEGRITY, we own every action and every communication with complete truth. When we say we will do something, we do it.



We are committed to restoring our patient’s mobility, flexibility and most pain-free life.  Whether it be to regain their ability to play with their kids, their ability to work with a headache, enjoy a pregnancy or just feel good again.  It’s what we do and we are passionate about it.



We are good citizens of our neighborhood.  We strive to bring the best of our practice to our COMMUNITY through outreach, charitable contributions, and fun!  Our office is a supportive, safe, and positive environment for our community. Life is too short. We encourage moments to share a laugh, celebrate success, and thus, positively impact the lives that our practice touches every day.



We treat everyone we encounter with warmth and compassion. We believe everyone is facing some challenge so the only option is to be abundantly caring and kind.



We practice blameless problem solving - aiming to get the best results benefiting all parties involved. That’s a WIN/WIN! By creating more win/win solutions, we sustain long lasting relationships. If we can make it happen, within our standards and policies, we will!



We are incredibly passionate about helping people. We know our patients have busy lives.  We do our very best to streamline our  processes with an emphasis on customer service. We give our patients the highest level of care, efficiently, warmly and enthusiastically.



Every team member shows  respect to their teammates and every practice member that they serve with the same respect expected in return.  This extends to having respect for the mission our practice is absolutely committed towards..  This requires doing your best and completing your job excellently and consistently.  We acknowledge the trust, dedication, effort, and time that is given to us to be caretakers of those who trust us with their care in our community and treat that gift with the highest responsibility. 



We understand that new knowledge is an essential part of success. And when we don’t know, we do not guess, but rather find the answer. This is also true for your care. If our doctors are unsure if your case is 100% chiropractic, we will make a speedy referral to a trusted professional. We are continuously learning new ways we can educate and empower our patients to lead healthier and more active lives.

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